About us

Our online history is old and dates back to 2009. That's right: on the Internet, everything runs quickly and time is extremely condensed. We started selling over the Internet 6 years ago with the website Logo www.iltelecomando.comwww.iltelecomando.com, a website that from the start  has received an enormous success thanks to our efforts invested into making it easy, to supply pre-sales and after-sales assistance and to suggest useful products at the fair cost with an additional services. 

Today, ais so often the case in "physical" stores, we change seat, expand out store and provide even more products and services. Our new e-store will identify with the name of our company, namely SEGEMA, and will contain even more products.  

Moreover, another important new comes on the heels of these changes: we open up out offices to our customers, therefore we allow to come to pick up directly from us. We hold faithful to our calling, therefore don't expect  to withdraw the products from a store; the order  must be done before via website, email or phone and then subsequently we'll confirm you from when you can withdraw the material.

Our offices are situated in Via Appia Nuova 142, loc. Frattocchie, Marino. Carry on along the road Appia Nuova towards Albano Laziale, you'll notice a big store of wedding dresses called Celli Sposi; we're exactly below it.

Immagine del dove siamo Via Appia Nuova 142 Loc. Frattocchie Marino

If you want to withdraw the products from our  store, you can do it every day from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 18.00. However we wish to specify that we remain an e-store and our warehouse are decentralised; for such reason you'll have to make an appointment to withdraw the material.