Supply during the month of August 2019

As every August, SEGEMA doesn't close for the holidays and we keep providing and shipping the ordered goods. Unfortunately, the Manufacturers have already closed the orders before the end of July; this means that we tried to increase our stock, but inevitably something will be missing during this month up to September.

We'll try to keep updated the supply but we already know that there will be a few inconsistencies, as the website will say that a product is available but it's temporarily out of stock.

In addition, it will be hard to respect the shipping time in 7 days or in 15 days for the products that we don't have on stock. Please consider that EVERY manufacturer will open again at the beginning of September and start shipping a week after the opening. Therefore the first product will start arriving around September 10-12.

For this reason, you're going to find 2 new supply state:

  • Limited availability: it means that a product is almost out of stock and that we can't assure fast shipping as always. 
  • Order for September: it means that is a product that we usually order and that will be back in stock in September. Please consider that it won't be back on September 1 because we'll receive the first goods during the first week, therefore it would be impossible for us to ship to you on September 1.

After completing an order, once the operator starts working on it he will assure that the order is processed within our usual time. Should it be any problems and the goods are missing, you're going to be immediately informed via email. This way you'll be able to choose if wait or cancel the order and have a refund if you have already paid. 

Remember that during the week between August 12 and August 18 we're going to be closed, therefore we won't do any shipping during that period.

A reference about the courier...

Despite our efforts, unfortunately, during August we also face the limited forces of the courier. For this reason, even if the package is shipped immediately, there could be some delays. We can't foresee them nor make the shipment quicker. During this month, the few couriers who work are not able to compensate for the shortage of staff. 

Remember that you can track you package on your account, we're going to try to give you as much assistance as possible, but in this period consider a little longer times and if you have to leave try to do not order too close to the date of departure, or in the comments write the date when you come back so that we can understand if we have to ship or wait your return.

Thanks for your trust and happy holidays for anyone who can do them!